European Boletes - Miksik Michal

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This is the first of a two-part set on European boletes. The first part will present all species, forms and varieties of the genera: Baorangia, Boletus, Butyriboletus, Caloboletus, Cupreoboletus, Cyanoboletus, Exsudoporus, Hemileccinum, Imperator, Lanmaoa, Leccinellum, Leccinum, Neoboletus, Rubroboletus, Suillellus, and Tylopilus. The book includes key to all European species, parts about ecology, morphology, protection, etc.

Technical Data

Author Miksik Michal
Language English
Binding Hardback
Edition probably 2024
Edition 1.
Pages approx. 500
Weight approx. 1.5 kg
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The book was due to be published in 2022, but printing has been repeatedly postponed. Therefore, the above publication date, currently received from the author, is without guarantee.

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