Fungi Europaei 5B - Entoloma - Noordeloos/Morozova/Dima/u.w.

Flora Agaricina neerlandica Vol. 1 Supplement

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Language: Trilingual in English, Dutch, and Italian

This book presents the first volume of an up-to-date revision of Entoloma s.l. in the series Fungi Europei 5: Entoloma sensu lato in Europe (1996; 2004), as well as an update of the Entoloma part of Flora Agaricina Neerlandica, Volume 1 (1988), with keys for identification, full descriptions and illustrations. The keys are practical and lead to species and species complexes that can be morphologically characterised. The first volume covers subgenera Cyanula, Leptonia, Nolanea, Trichopilus, and the Rhombisporum clade, together with around 200 species and about a thousand new photographs and line drawings. The second volume, which will follow in two years, will contain the remaining subgenera with about the same number of species. The text and keys in this volume are written in English, Dutch, and Italian.

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