Fungi Europaei Vol. 14 - Hebeloma - Beker, Eberhardt, Vesterholt

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Language: English with multilingual keys in English, French, German, and Italian and diagnoses in Latin

Fungi Europei is the most exhaustive and authoritative series of illustrated monographs on fungi published to date. Volume 14 covers the genus Hebeloma and provides full descriptions of gross morphology and microanatomy of all the species presented. The authors have years of experience in the field and the laboratory. The systematics is underpinned by cutting-edge molecular research.


- New Taxa, Combinations and Typifications
- Foreword
- Acknowledgements
- Introduction
- Background
- Hebeloma Ontogeny and Morphology
- Ontogeny (Macroscopic characters – Microscopic characters)
- Infrageneric classification and molecular results
- The General Key (Key to Sections and Keys for Sections)
- Allgemeiner Schlüssel (Hauptschlüssel und Sektionsschlüssel)
- Clé générale (clé des sections et clé des espèces)
- Chiave generale (chiave delle sezione e chiavi delle specie).
- Hebeloma section Hebeloma
- Hebeloma section Denudata
- Hebeloma sections Sinapizantia and Velutipes
- Hebeloma sections Duracinus, Myxocybe, Naviculospora, Scabrispora, and Syrjense
- Hebeloma section Theobromina
- Hebeloma section Sacchariolentia
- Hebeloma sections Porphyrospora and Pseudoamarescens
- Ecology and Habitat Keys
- Annotated list of published names from Europe and Africa
- Bibliography
- Taxonomic Index

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Autor Beker, Eberhardt, Vesterholt
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Erscheinungsjahr 2016
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