Fungi Europaei Vol. 14A - Hebeloma Supplement - Grilli, Beker, Eberhardt, Schütz

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Language: English with multilingual keys in English, French, German, and Italian

Based on collections from Italy, this is a supplement to Fungi Europaei, Volume 14 and covers new species in the genus Hebeloma.

From the foreword:
"The first suggestion for the present work came up, late in 2016, during the autumnal mycological foray of the Associazione Micologica ed Ecologica Romana. It was a vague notion of a contribution on the genus Hebeloma to be published, to mark the occasion of the issue of n. 100 of Rivista Micologica Romana, the Association’s journal. The idea was for a substantial article to cover three issues ofthe journal, that is to say roughly 150 to 180 pages. The idea was only ‘half-baked’, but it was stimulating.

It was mulled over for some time and, after discussion among the co-authors, finally accepted. In subsequent months, the project was discussed and began to take shape. At first as a series of portraits of selected Hebeloma species, based on interesting collections from various European countries, maybe placing special emphasis on morphological variability. Selecting from the abundance of unpublished material and collections, work started and slowly progressed. Then in 2018, the project took a more ambitious turn; a work focusing on Hebeloma in Italy, and the many collections in the herbarium of the first author, as a supplement to the monograph that was published in 2016.

This, however, involved a change in perspective and scope, which in turn meant more collections to analyse, morphologically and molecularly, and much more time and work. Unfortunately, AMER is a non-profit organization and as such it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to publish the book as an editor. Accordingly, it was decided to leave its publication to Candusso Editrice."



1. Introduction
2. Observational protocol, descriptive terminology and coding conventions
3. Determining the correct sections, Key to Hebeloma sections, Key to Hebeloma section Denudata
4. An overview of the species confirmed in Italy, Taxonomy
5. Hebeloma section Hebeloma
6. Hebeloma section Denudata, Hebeloma subsection Crustuliniformia, Hebeloma subsection Clepsydroida, Hebeloma subsection Echinospora, Hebeloma subsection Hiemalia
7. Hebeloma section Sinapizantia
8. Hebeloma section Velutipes
9. Hebeloma section Duracinus
10. Hebeloma section Myxocybe
11. Hebeloma section Naviculospora
12. Hebeloma section Scabrispora
13. Hebeloma section Syrjense
14. Hebeloma section Theobromina
15. Hebeloma section Sacchariolentia
16. Hebeloma section Porphyrospora
17. Hebeloma section Pseudoamarescens
18. European Hebeloma species not yet confirmed from Italy, Alpine or arctic species not yet confirmed from Italy, Boreal or subalpine species not yet confirmed from Italy, Other species not yet confirmed in Italy
19. Final Remark
20. Bibliography
21. Iconography
22. General keys, German key, French key, Italian key, Taxonomic Index

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Autor Grilli, Beker, Eberhardt, Schütz
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