Fungi Europaei Vol. 5a - Entoloma s.l. - Noordeloos M.

Supplemento 2004

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Language: Bilingual in English and Italian

After more than ten years since the publication of the first edition of this monograph, a supplement appeared to be necessary. The new work proposes photocolors and new discovered taxa. The taxonomy and the keys are been revised. The unity of the two publications represents the most important study of Entolomatoid fungi.

Technical Data

Autor Noordeloos Machiel E.
Sprache Englisch und Italiienisch
Produktart Buch
Einbandart Fester Einband
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Auflage 1.
Seiten 620
Verlag Candusso Edizioni
Masse L/B/H in mm

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