Fungi non delineati Pars 75 - Boccardo/Ostellari

Rare or interesting russulas from Liguria, second contribution

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Fungi Non Delineati 75: Russule rare o interessanti di Liguria – secondo contributo

The following species are described and illustrated by the authors:  Russula archaeosuberis Sarnari, Russula galochroa Fr. , Russula galochroides Sarnari, Russula grisea Fr., Russula ionochlora Romagn., Russula medullata Romagn., Russula ochrospora (Nicolaj) Quadraccia, Russula inamoena Sarnari , Russula sororia (Fr.) Romell, Russula laccata Huijsman, Russula clariana R. Heim ex Kuyper & Vuure , Russula leprosa (Bres.) Crawshay, Russula rubra (Fr. : Fr.) Fr., Russula solaris Ferd. & Winge, Russula veternosa Fr., Russula viscida Kudřna, Russula carpini R. Girard & Heinem, Russula curtipes F.H. Møller & Jul. Schäff., Russula faginea Romagn., Russula lutensis Romagn. & Le Gal, Russula melliolens Quél., Russula seperina Dupain, Russula carminipes J. Blum, Russula rhodomarginata Sarnari, Russula arpalices Sarnari, Russula cistoadelpha M.M. Moser & Trimbach, Russula melzeri Zvàra, Russula minutula Velen., Russula pseudoimpolita Sarnari, Russula puellula Ebbesen, F.H. Møller & Jul. Schäff., Russula rhodella E.-J. Gilbert, Russula terenopus Romagn., Russula versatilis Romagn., Russula lilacea Quél., Russula zvarae Velen., Russula roseipes Bres.
Italian Language

Technical Data

Author Boccardo / Ostellari
Language Italian
Product type Book
Type of binding Hardcover
Year of publication 2020
Pages 175
Publisher Candusso Edizioni
Dimensions L/W/H in mm

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