Manuale di Microscopia dei Funghi Vol. 2 - Basso M.T.

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About this book

Language: Italian

Volume 2 gives an overview of the families and genera of Agaricales, Boletales and Russulales. The book is arranged by families and all genera are described in alphabetical order. Systematic position, type species, species number, bibliography, iconography, macroscopic and microscopic diagnoses, important characters for determination, delimitation to similar genera, and important chemicals to use are all given for each species.


Introduzione dell’Autore - Materiali e metodi 1
Bibliografia generale 3
Tabella delle Famiglie 5

Agaricaceae    7
Amanitaceae    43
Bolbitiaceae    54
Coprinaceae    77
Cortinariaceae    97
Crepidotaceae    132
Entolomataceae    143
Hygrophoraceae    161
Marasmiaceae    173
Pleurotaceae    247
Pluteaceae    277
Stropharlaceae    291
Tricholomataceae    338
Boletaceae 463
Gomphidiaceae    512
Paxillaceae    523
Russulaceae    534
Cantharellaceae    561

Appendice fotografica specie tossiche 569

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Language Italian
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Year of publication 2012
Edition 1.
Pages 582
Publisher Libreria Mykoflora
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