Mushrooms to savour ... for on the go - Lüder /Lüder

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The popular mushroom book now also for travelling! It contains portraits of the most popular edible mushrooms and describes their doppelgangers. These fascinating and versatile beauties can also enrich our lives in a variety of creative ways: Colouring, paper-making, as ink for writing and much more. General information on collecting, preparing and various other topics as an introduction to mushroom science round off the book. The most easily recognisable edible and medicinal mushrooms are highlighted with a star.

Technical Data

Author Rita Lüder, Frank Lüder
Language German
ISBN 978-3-9814612-7-5
Format Hardcover
Publisher kreativpinsel
Publisher kreativpinsel verlag
Genre Botany
Publication 31.07.2023
Number of pages 144
Weight 180g
Size H247mm x W7mm x D186mm
Year 2023

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