Mushrooms to savour - Lüder/Lüder

The family mushroom book for cooking, creativity and children

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This book invites you to discover the fascinating realm of mushrooms with all your senses. Mushrooms are generally judged almost exclusively by their edible value and their toxicity, and it is often forgotten that life on earth is not possible without mushrooms. They can also enrich our lives in many different ways: for making paper, as tinder, for colouring and handicrafts, as ink for writing and much more. The book is tailored to the new DGfM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie e. V.) mushroom coach training programme and is ideally suited to provide instructors in kindergartens, schools, forestry, nature education, etc. with theoretical and practical inspiration for their work. The most popular mushrooms are presented in individual portraits with fascinating detailed photos and drawings. You will be able to identify them with confidence and at the same time learn about the possible uses of around 200 species of mushrooms from our homeland in nature, the kitchen and creative workshops. You will also learn about their possible doppelgangers and get exciting information about their importance in the cycle of life. General information on collecting, preparing and various other topics as an introduction to mushroom science round off the book.

Technical Data

Author Rita Lüder, Frank Lüder
Illustrator Rita Lüder
Language German
ISBN 978-3-9814612-3-7
Format Hardcover
Publisher kreativpinsel
Publisher Kreativpinsel Verlag
Genre Natural science
Publication 20.06.2013
Number of pages 240
Weight 938g
Size H287mm x W215mm x D17mm
Edition 5th, revised ed. - 2022

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