So as not to confuse the mushrooms - Bellù/Veroi

bilingual Italian / German

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With this volume, thanks to the new mycological glossary, compiled by Francesco Bellù, and the abundance of detail-rich pictures, the classification of fungal species becomes clearer even for the less experienced. In addition to the classical angles, the mushrooms have been photographed - with natural light and without flash - also in section, so as to highlight their technical characteristics, such as the colour of the flesh and its possible colouring, the stem-to-blade ratio and the width of the blades, etc. The volume is also accompanied by a scientific opinion on the edibility, toxicity and danger of each species represented. The 1001 species presented have also been given an Italian name, which is added to the scientific nomenclature.

Technical Data

Author Bellù Francesco, Veroi Giulio
Language German/Italian
Product type Book
Type of binding Hardcover
Year of publication 2014
Edition 1.
Pages 606
Dimensions L/W/H in mm
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