The mysterious world of mushrooms - the nature activity book for children - Lüder

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The book "The Mysterious World of Mushrooms" immediately catches the eye with its colourful exterior and interior design. A total of 57 small chapters with ideas for crafting, colouring, puzzles and observing are presented on 128 pages. At the end of the softcover book you will also find the solutions to the puzzles, an index, as well as some important contacts and telephone numbers in case of mushroom poisoning.

Each chapter extends over a double page and contains self-contained sections, information or experiments. This makes the content very flexible, as the chapters can be read or worked on individually. Links between chapters also enable linked learning. The text is always broken up by many child-friendly illustrations, including very detailed drawings of mushrooms, which show them in various stages of growth and make it easier to identify them.

Personally, I particularly like the placeholders for my own photos or notes on the many activities. For example, one chapter takes a special look at the colour of spores and a short guide explains how spore prints can be made and glued in. Just like the microscopy of spores, this is very suitable for natural history lessons as it conveys methods and knowledge in a simple way. The suggested projects, such as making crayons, can be tried out by children from primary school (5-6 years) with the appropriate guidance. I see no upper age limit, as projects such as dyeing fabrics with mushroom colours are also fun for older "children". Thanks to the additional theoretical tasks and puzzles in the book, for which there is always a solution, the book is also suitable for rainy afternoons when you want to learn something about the nature of mushrooms and their effects on the environment in the warmth.


The book more than lives up to its subtitle "The nature hands-on book for children" and is not only suitable for young explorers, but also for older children who want to experience the world of mushrooms with their own hands and all their senses. The included experiments and ideas encourage independent exploration and playfully demonstrate the diversity of the mushroom world. Together with the child-friendly, colourful presentation, the result is a very appealing overall picture both for families with children and as a collection of ideas for group lessons or teaching areas.

Review by Christina Gleixner

Technical Data

Author Rita & Frank Lüder
Language German
Details 128 pages, 25.9 × 23.7 × 1.7 cm, illustrated throughout in colour
Publisher Haupt Verlag, Bern (Switzerland)
Year 2015 (1st edition)
ISBN 978-3258079110

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